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About half a year ago (or two blog posts), I decided to quit blogging about my game and only write about (1) things relevant to other developers and (2) whatever else I wanted. As it turns out, I’m quite good at not-blogging. I even went so far as to not-blog about anything.

Going silent was a good decision, though. The confidence I had in my ideas was as weak as my determination to complete them. While I WAS going to create a game, which game that would be changed every week. Did the Internet want to hear about my growing pile of abandoned projects? I doubt it.

In fact, silence was such a good rule that I’m reluctant to break it. For some reason, though, I committed myself to revealing The Game today. Here’s a screenshot, and when you’re done thinking “this doesn’t tell me much” I’ll type some words about it.


Trying to follow Tom Francis’ four points on quickly explaining a game,  I would say this is an adventure game about moving furniture to prevent your memories from being stolen. Truth be told, I don’t know what this game is, but I know some elements that will be in it, such as dialog(ue)-trees, an inventory, managing your psyche, and exploration. There will be a plot, which I have mixed feelings about, but hopefully it will be good.

I think that’s all for now! I have been making excellent progress with my strategy of not saying anything, so I’ll try not to spoil it just yet.

They might be watching. Stay sharp.

Until next time!


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Has anyone else noticed this?

I wish I was less of a DRM troll – I really do. Even with awesome games like Mirror’s Edge coming out, a lot of the time all I think is “Hey, neat game. Too bad it’d going to be locked down by oppressive copy-protection” 😦

Occasionally I manage to see through that, though, and it’s always educational. I’ve read quite a bit about players creating their own goals within a game, but this deserves a special achievement.

It reminds me of the hundreds of hours I must have spent with another game that allowed me to create things.

Seems that when it’s made easy enough, we’ve all got a vision and a story to tell. Games seem to enable that creativity, whether it be Spore, modding levels and character models, or even Garry’s Mod – the Little Big Planet connection should be obvious…

I’ve only scratched the surface with these examples – I’d like to go on and make leaps of insight and thoughtful remarks like my favourite game-bloggers would, but I overcook my food-for-thought when I attempt gourmet. (I also make terrible metaphors)

Until next time…

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Me too! After using Linux for a number of years, I’ve gotten to the point where I know that there are quite a few good-quality games available, but I have a hard time convincing Windows and Mac users of that.

So, I decided to create a post highlighting what are, in my opinion, the top Linux games around. Little did I know what I was getting myself into! 🙂 (more…)

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There’s still a chance for you to get an Open Pandora handheld! Their frontpage reports that 2000 units were sold in the first 6 hours, but implies that there are a few left still.

Good luck!

(edit: The final orders are in, and they decided to manufacture as many units as they got orders for instead of capping it at 3000. Almost 4000 Pandoras were sold!)

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