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Merry Christmas!

I hope you all had a wonderful year and blessed holiday season. Thanks for keeping an eye on this blog!

The blog itself hasn’t been active, but I certainly have and I will have things to show in 2014.

To celebrate, I spent a few days and put together a Christmas-themed rhythm game. The music is by the talented Tom Gardiner.


To play it on Window or Mac OS, download Love2d 0.9.0 and drag my .love file onto the installed executable. For Linux, you can either install 0.9.0 from your package manager (if available) or compile it from source.

[edit] I’ve been informed by Blendenzo that it may be easier for some Ubuntu/Mint users to use this unofficial PPA to install Love0.9.0. Use at your own risk!

For those of you who play the game, yes it’s rough around the edges. It’s the sort of gift where the thought is what counts. 😉Image

Now bring it on, 2014!


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